MAX5 Multi-parameter controller

EMEC MAX5 Multiple Controller.

MAX5 Multi-parameter controller

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Model: Max5
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Manufacturer: EMEC Liquid Control Systems

The MAX5 is a multiple digital controlling system. It reads and controls up to 5 channels that can be programmed to control:
pH - ORP - Chlorine - Turbidity - Temperature.

It features 6 setpoint outputs, 6 proportional pump outputs, 6 mA outputs,1 cleaning probe output and 5 level tank inputs.

Three way
setpoint outputs program mode: on/off - PID - PWM.
MAX5 can be connected to a PC for remote controlling / programming using a standard USB port or RS485 connection.

All information are provided through a widescreen LCD display (240x64). Using a revolutionary wheel control the instrument can be easily programmed.

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