AMS Digital Series

Dosing Pump

AMS Digital Series

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Model: AMS Series
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Manufacturer: EMEC Liquid Control Systems

Code AMSCode AMSAMOD.Description
MFAF"MF"Digital multifunction pump (Constant, Divide, Multiply, PPM, Batch, Volt, mA, %, ml/q) stand-by and flow sensor input, alarm out
PHAA"PH"Proportional pump driven by internal built-in pH meter (0-14 pH) and level control.supplied without pH probe.
RHAH"RH"Proportional pump driven by internal built-in ORP meter (0-1000 mV) and level control, supplied without ORP probe.

AMS DIGITAL metering pumps are manufactured in moulded glass
filled and Polypropylene housing to ensure protection against
aggressive chemicals and tough environment. IP65 enclosure(NEMA4x)

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