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Control Solutions Home Page

Network Gateways

Control Solutions Babel Buster® gateways maximize system connectivity options. Open system architecture is a key element in today's control system designs. Connectivity using standard protocols is a vital ingredient in an open system. The ability to use multiple protocols in a single system enhances the flexibility of the system while allowing one to take advantage of a wider variety of products.

Network I/O

The ValuPoint® and AddMe® families of freely programmable network I/O provide various combinations of analog and discrete I/O.

The i.CanDrawIt® graphical programming package simplifies implementation of control functions for the ValuPoint® or AddMe® device. Use ladder logic or free form logic diagrams to create your program. You can even do live on-network testing from the graphical environment.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Certificate of Compliance
Embedded Servers

The goal of i.CanDoIt® is to provide a simple and cost effective facility management and remote monitoring solution suitable for use in small sites. The i.CanDoIt® is programmable, even though it is rather powerful without programming.

i.CanDoIt® includes data logging, time & date scheduling, and template or rule based alarm processing with email notification and/or I/O activation in response to events. Data logging simply records the contents of registers on a user specified schedule. Scheduling causes register values to be set according to a schedule allowing scheduled setpoint changes or output activation.

The i.CanDrawIt® graphical programming can be used to create control algorithms in most i.CanDoIt® servers, while Script Basic is available in others.

Remote Monitoring

The goal of LogMyData® is to close the loop and put your remote devices in touch with your enterprise - regardless of the size of your enterprise. Our vision is that signing up for a remote monitoring account should be no more difficult than signing up for an eBay® account. We think remote monitoring should be accessible and affordable even if you have just one site to monitor. The i.Report™ is the first of a growing family of cellular and satellite based remote monitoring products.

Control Solutions Networked Control Products...

• Interconnecting the real world
• Connecting the real world to your enterprise system
• Real time, real world control with open system architecture

Control Solutions, Inc., a Minnesota corporation founded in 1995, offers a line of control products tailored to facility management, building automation, telecommunications, and remote monitoring & control. We offer low-cost fixed configuration monitoring and control products as well as expandable modular systems. Our controllers can operate stand-alone, but are optimized for distributed control via networks including Ethernet, LonWorks, BACnet and Modbus. Our most popular LonWorks products are I/O add-on devices for larger controllers.

Control Solutions has thrived on opportunities to expand, enhance, and support mainstream products and systems. As a result, you can find a little bit of our equipment connected to a lot of other people's equipment, in a lot of different places, doing a lot of different things.

Control Solutions is customer driven. When customers talk, we listen. We have been providing LonWorks products since 1995. And while customers who prefer LonWorks like our LonWorks products, others have asked, "Where's BACnet?" We listened, and in 2007 we introduced our BACnet products. We are also strengthening our support of Modbus as a primary building automation protocol.

Another question often asked by our customers was "Is it programmable?" Our newest products are all "freely" programmable by the user, with more field programming options on the horizon.

Our embedded Internet products use SNMP and Modbus/TCP or BACnet IP over Ethernet for M2M (machine to machine) communications. Our gateways can put LonWorks, Modbus, or BACnet devices on a LonWorks, Modbus, BACnet, or Internet network.

Our web based i.CanDoIt® software offers enhanced flexibility and feature packed power for remote monitoring applications. The built-in web pages are used to configure the device. The integrator can add an optional user HTML wrapper to personalize the web interface. Capabilities include time/date scheduling and data logging with optional email delivery of data logs. Email event notifications are available. The i.CanDoIt® products are user programmable.

Our LonWorks® products include single board multi-point I/O nodes and modular, expandable I/O nodes. Our standard software packages offer basic LonWorks I/O functionality. The enhanced software provided in the AddMe II also includes alarm capability.

Our LonWorks® products can be custom programmed using Echelon development tools such as the NodeBuilder®. We provide example driver source code for customers who want to do their own application programming. We also offer custom programming services.

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