About SDS

Automation and Control System Experience


SDS has direct and significant application experience with current automation and control systems technologies including:

  • Distributed control systems (DCS)
  • Programmable logic controllers (PLC)
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
  • Personal computer interfaces and operator stations
  • Third party PC based software applications
  • Programmable single loop electronic controllers
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic control systems
  • Host computer applications
  • Microprocessor Control
  • Flow computers
  • Remote telemetry and communication systems
  • Process data loggers
  • Triple redundant control systems).

Control applications with which we have experience include:

  • Continuous Process Controls
  • Batch Process Control
  • Compressor Surge Control
  • Boiler Controls
  • Diesel and Gas Engine Control
  • Gas Turbine
  • Steam Turbine
  • Safety Shutdown Systems
  • Gas Compressor Controls
  • Pump control
  • LACT Controls
  • Energy Management System Controls



SDS has direct and significant experience providing the following services to clients:

  • Review/Audit (Review of other engineering firms’ designs)
  • Conceptual Planning of Electric Power and Control Systems
  • Electrical Power Plant Design
  • Medium and High Voltage Transmission and Distribution
  • Emergency Power Systems (Generators/UPS)
  • Safety Systems
  • Lighting
  • Protective Relay Coordination Studies
  • Fault Studies
  • Load Flow Studies
  • Transient Stability Analysis
  • Lighting System Studies
  • Inspections For Compliance:

    NEC – National Electrical Code

    MMS – Minerals Management Service

    IEC - international electric code
  • Inspections for conformance to specifications
  • Equipment Acceptance Testing. (Both shop and field testing).
  • Troubleshooting (Offshore, gas, plants etc.)
  • Emergency Shutdown System field testing
  • Hazop Studies for different Industrial Plants.